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Team Managers

Team Managers' Responsibilities

Pre - match

1. Ensure all players are registered

2. Ensure Spond details regarding match details are up to date.

3. Inform players of any uniform clashes or other important details

During Match

1. Manage first aid

2. Move masks to other end at half time and collect at end of match

3. Support coach with other administration and management requirements.

After match

1.  Complete match book and pay umpires

2. Enter match results and teamlists into RevSport by 11:00am the following workday. Support documents are provided below.

Pre- Season requirements

Registered on RevSport

 Need to be linked to the team you are managing by the Registrar so you can administer the team

Umpire Payments

Treasurer will transfer funds to your bank balance for you to pay the umpires on match day


Ensure all players (and Guardians) details are allocated to teams in Spond.

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