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Our Facilities

Facilities Hire - Ground or Pavillion

Elgar Park Hockey Ground is used regularly by schools and outside groups when not being used by the tenant clubs. If you are interested in booking the ground and to check availabilities, please contact the booking officer on:


In addition, the clubrooms can be hired out when not being used by the hockey club. Please contact the booking officer to check on availability and to discuss what you require.

Facilities Master Plan

EPRHA, in conjunction with Whitehorse City Council, has developed a staged master plan for development of the hockey facilities at Elgar Park over the coming years:

Stage 1 – Pitch Replacement (COMPLETED)

The pitch replacement project, including re-profiling the base, replacement of shocked & surface, and improvement of pitch-side amenities was completed in time for the 2016 winter season.


Stages 1a & 1b Scoreboard & Grandstand Seating – (COMPLETED)

The electronic scoreboard and grandstand seating were installed in early 2016 to complete the Stage 1 works.


Stage 2 – Pavilion Development (COMPLETED)

After many years of operating in sub-standard facilities and lobbying Council our new clubrooms were handed over in October 2017. Completed by Whitehorse Council at a cost of $3.3m the new clubrooms are fantastic and continue our plan to deliver the leading club facilities in Melbourne.

Stage 3 – Pitch Lighting Upgrade (COMPLETED)

Continuing with the momentum of facilities upgrades we have just completed the upgrade of the pitch lighting to full FIH compliant LED lights. The new lighting system will offer great environmental benefits and operational savings to the club through reduced electricity consumption and maintenance costs.

Check out the Youtube link below for more information!


Stage 4 – Second Pitch (UPCOMING)

The Whitehorse City Council has completed a master plan for the entire Elgar Park that covers a wide range of issues including pavilions, improvements to parking, paths and landscaping.


Included in the master plan is provision for a multi-purpose field (second pitch) to the east of our current pitch.

Construction is expected to start late 2024.

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