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The KBH Brumbies Hockey Club is gearing up for an exciting 2024 season, and our focus is on making participation more affordable for all players across senior, masters, and junior divisions, while also fostering a deeper connection with our wider community. To achieve this, we're extending an invitation to players to explore individual player sponsorships, aimed at alleviating the financial burden of registration fees for the upcoming season.

This initiative not only benefits players by reducing their financial commitments but also presents a fantastic opportunity for KBH to showcase and promote local businesses and companies. By establishing partnerships with sponsors, we not only strengthen our club's financial health but also cultivate a culture of mutual support within our community.



  • Sponsor will be recognised in a weekly newletter

  • Sponsor’s logo and web address will be listed on the KBH website in recognition of their support.

  • Sponsor will receive a complimentary invitation to the KBH Sponsors Day

Player Sponsorship is available at three levels.

Sponsorship         Donation to Player Fees            Donation to KBH

$300                                 $150                                           $150

$600                                 $300                                          $300

$1200                                $600                                         $600


  • Player sponsorships are for the 2024 winter season.

  • Player sponsorship paid through the Australian Sports Foundation is tax deductible  KBH Brumbies Scoreboard Fund | Australian Sports Foundation (

  • Sponsorship does not include the Hockey Victoria Membership costs (payable by the player)

  • Sponsorship does not include the KBH Brumbies Volunteer levy (volunteering is highly encouraged)

  • Any difference between player sponsorship funds and KBH subscription fees will need to be paid by the player.


SPONSOR:   Make Donation to the KBH Scoreboard Fund 

                      Retain receipt to claim on tax.

                      Fill in google form so we have details of the business and sponsorship.

PLAYER:       If not yet registered, email for a discount code on your fees

                                                  then register

                      If already registered, email for a refund

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