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Our Sections

Men's Section

KBH Brumbies senior men’s section has teams catering for all hockey abilities ranging from entry level to Elite, along with development teams for our Junior members transitioning into Senior hockey.

Men’s senior winter season teams include:

  • Elite: Premier League; Premier League Reserves; Pennant A

  • Development Teams: Pennant B, D and E

  • Social Teams: Metro A, Metro B


Women's Section

KBH Brumbies senior women's section has teams catering from entry level to Elite. Anyone interested in building new friendships, improving health and fitness, and learning new skills is encouraged to participate.

Teams on offer include:

  • Elite: Premier League and Premier League Reserves, Pennant A

  • Development teams: Pennant C

  • Social teams: Metro B


Junior Section

The KBH Brumbies endeavour to provide our young and developing players with the best chance of reaching their full potential, consolidate developing skills and enjoy as much hockey as they can.

Teams on offer include:

  • KBH Brumbies Hook-In-2-Hockey 

  • U8 Mini Brumbies 

  • U10: Intraclub and Hockey Victoria Metro Competitions. 

  • U12: Boys, Mixed and Girls only sides

  • U14: Boys, Mixed and Girls only sides

  • U16: Boys, Mixed and Girls only sides

  • U18: Mixed


Master's Section

KBH Brumbies offer Men's and Women's Masters teams, providing an opportunity for all players older than 35 to play masters hockey at a grade that suits their skill level.

Teams on offer include:

  • Women: Over 35A (TBC)

  • Women: Over 35B SE

  • Men: Over 35 

  • Men: Over 45 A

  • Men: Over 45 B

  • Men: Over 45 C

  • Men: Over 50 A

  • Men: Over 50 B

  • Men: Over 60 


Summer Season

For those looking to keep stay involved over the off-season, KBH offers a variety of Summer Season teams. Teams and competitions are available for Indoor hockey, Sunday afternoon Summer Hockey and our annual Summer Sixers for both Senior and Junior players.


Grassroots Development

Our Grassroots Development programs extend to Junior players of all ages; starting from Mini Brumbies to our Academy program. 

Programs on offer include:

  • HookIn2Hockey

  • Mini Brumbies

  • KBH Academy 

  • Mentorship Program


Representative Teams


KBH offers programs and specialist coaching to help guide parents and players through selection pathways. We have systems in place to encourage and support all of our Junior players who strive for high performance hockey. Check out more info for pathway guides and recommendations.


Official's Section

For those interested in Umpiring, Tech Bench, and being part of the Official's section of the Club, check out positions, training courses and development on offer across the season.

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