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The Grazers Coterie Club

Who We Are


With our Mens and Womens senior sides now firmly positioned in Premier League, our ongoing goal remains to create the best environment for our members and guests, and maintain leading edge facilities both on and off field.

The KBH Brumbies Coterie Group will provide our club with significant resources to assist in making it the hockey club of choice for the Eastern suburbs. It is the ideal vehicle in which to enhance and develop your commitment, friendships and above all enjoyment of being involved with the club.

Your contribution and membership of The Grazers is a great way for playing and non-playing supporters of the club to get involved in building our future, while offering a chance to create some new friendships, re-living and celebrating the proud history of our clubs.

Contributions to the “KBH Brumbies Australian Sports Foundation Fund”* will be put directly towards improving our facilities and growing the club.



Funds raised by The Grazers will continue to assist in updating catering equipment to cope with the increased spectator volume at Elgar Park, and training equipment and programmes for juniors and other members of the club.

This project is run in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) so our donors can receive a tax deductible donation. The Australian Sports Foundation Ltd was established by the Australian Government to raise funds through public and corporate donations for the development of sport in Australia.


Donations to us of $2 or more are tax deductible. To donate, you will nominate us as your preferred beneficiary. Any questions can be directed to

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