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Non - Playing Supporters membership

People support sports teams for a variety of reasons. It can offer a sense of belonging and community, where fans feel connected to others who share their passion for the club. It can also provide a source of entertainment, excitement, and emotional investment. Additionally, supporting a club can create a sense of identity and pride, as fans feel connected to the history and success of their team. It can offer camaraderie, enjoyment, and a sense of belonging to something larger than oneself.

KBH Brumbies is a club going from strength to strength. With support from our members, we are able to provide great programs, playing opportunities, development of juniors and improved facilities. Your membership will create connection for you and assist funding our offerings for years to come.

"Rustlers" Membership

Perfect for those with a cherished connection to Box Hill, Kew or the KBH Brumbies Hockey Clubs. Whether you're a past player, parent, or supporter, your membership/donation directly contributes to the cost of our new electronic scoreboard.

Stay in the loop with our regular members newsletter.

$0 membership

$20 tax deductible donation through ASF

"Wranglers" Membership

For supporters who are closely linked to the club, perhaps through family or friends who play for the KBH Brumbies. Show your support by joining as a Wrangler member and receive updates through our members newsletter, along with a stylish supporters cap.

$55 (GST included) membership

"Grazers" Membership

For our most passionate supporters who relish the camaraderie of watching Premier League matches together on weekends. Your additional donation helps us to build a stronger club and aims to elevate us to a powerhouse status in Victorian hockey. Enjoy the perks of regular newsletter updates, a supporter’s cap, and catering at selected home matches. Join us in shaping the future success of KBH Brumbies Hockey Club!

$55 (GST included) membership

$200 tax deductible donation through ASF

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