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Officials Hub

New to officiating?

Officials are integral to the function of our sport, all the way from the beginner level through to high performance. KBH, as an affiliate of Hockey Victoria, is dedicated to supporting our community through every step of their learning journey. Through Hockey ED, the national accreditation program, we are committed to supporting our members develop the skills needed to be the best you can be, whether that is as a player, coach, umpire or technical offical.

Umpire Pathways

KBH are strong believers in ensuring that umpires are supported throughout their entire journey through the Club Umpire Developer (CUD) Program. This program is in place to support our club with or umpire development, with a Club Umpire Developer acting as the first point of contact for new and existing umpires & officials within the club. The CUD provides all umpires, players, and club members with valued support to ensure that a club's environment is safe, inclusive, and welcoming. All appointed CUDs will work closely with our Game Development Manager and their respective Zone Umpire Developer to:

  1. Develop a positive club culture where in which all officials feel supported;

  2. Maintain healthy communication with all club stakeholders, create umpire development plans and;

  3. Create a positive, safe, and inclusive environments where in which all members can develop a love for the game, for life.


We highly encourage anyone interested to apply for the CUD role at KBH. Please see a list of resources relating to the role below:


Technical Officials

Technical Officials are integral to the management and coordination of our game, with roles available from being a judge for a game through to a tournament director. The role of the technical official is to ensure that the game of hockey runs at its best. KBH fully support our members in undertaking Hockey Australia's education and accreditation programs to be the best technical offical possible.


KBH as an affiliate of Hockey Victoria aligns with Hockey Australia in the delivery of the National Accreditation Scheme, HockeyEd. HockeyEd provides thorough education for Technical Officials through a series of workshops and practical experiences. The Hockey ED program will provide members with all of the skills required to succeed in the officiating pathway.

We highly encourage anyone interested to apply for the program. Please see more information using the button below.

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